Brand Illustration

Wether for a product, advertisement, story book to comic book, we do professional.

Video Game Character Design

Character Design

Discuss and perfect a lively character full of personality to help sell your vision.


Environmental Design

What does the space your story, idea, products live in? We can help answer those questions for you as well as create the worlds in which they live.


Storyboard Illustration

Black and white, grayscale illustrations for your TV,
Film, Story, Product or Advertisement idea.

Candy Corn Stickers

Mobile Device Stickers

Take your message, visions, stories and ideas mobile with sticker applications for both android and iPhone applications.

Candy Corn Critter Game

Mobile Video Games

We make video games for mobile devices using Unity 3D. Find our Apps in Apple’s App Store or on Google Play.

Early On

From the time we were children we loved amazing stories and strange art. We always dreamt of bringing our own ideas to life through film and print. Owning our own business was just a dream.


After a layoff with a video game company, in 2020, where 80 people were let go – it was the sign! It was time to begin the journey of amazingly strange ideas…..this being the strangest. Join us on our bewildering journey!