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Early On

From the time we were children we loved amazing stories and strange art. We always dreamt of bringing our own ideas to life through film and print. Owning our own business was just a dream.


After a layoff with a video game company, in 2020, where 80 people were let go – it was the sign! It was time to begin the journey of amazingly strange ideas…..this being the strangest. Join us on our bewildering journey!

Candy Corn iOS iPhone Stickers

Start having a blast with your friends by texting them these lovable stickers which are available for the iPhone in the Apple App Store.

Don’t wait! Add these cute stickers to your collection today!

Candy Core Critter Video Game Working Prototype

iPhone video game created as an fun and challenging mobile iOS game which keeps the enjoyable spirit of trick or treating Halloween magic alive all year long.

Amazingly Strange’s Game Developer and Artist Brian Lindahl’s Professional Art Portfolio and website.