• Spidey Critter and Nibbles Concept Sketch
    Watch this TikTok of me enjoying a morning sketch of one of my favorite critters the Spidey. Also witness the development of Nibbles the friendly or not so friendly Venus flytrap […]
  • First Critter Character Design Tightened
    Prior to character designing the critters I had already started games background. Once I decided on the concept for the my mobile game I began researching artwork that inspired me as […]
  • Indie Mobile Game Story and Scope
    Great storytelling is the heart of all my endeavors. With any story my brain immediately goes to work imagining what is and what could be and where all the possibilities could […]
  • First Character Design Sketches for Mobile Game
    After many, many, tutorials and practice game applications I felt ready to start working on my own game. Unfortunately, one doesn’t really realize all the aspects of what goes in to […]
  • Candy Corn Critter Icon Development
    I hope everyone enjoys this TikTok video. The purpose of this TikTok is to ask the public which icon they like the best for the Candy Corn Critters mobile game. For […]