Setting up Amazingly Strange Email Server

I really enjoy figuring things out. Lots of detail always helps me better understand a project. If I am setting up a company in this modern age it would behoove me to better understand email servers. Some one on the team should have a small understanding on how these work as well as set up associates accounts.

Currently my research has so far led me to install nMap on my MacBook. Let’s see how far I take this before wanting to throw in the towel. You can download nMap form this Link.

It appears that my issue is my hosting with Godaddy has my port:25 blocked. If you follow these articles you will see this is common with hosting providers to prevent spam abuse.

There is however a way to bypass the port:25 using a relay.

Still my issue may also be a result that my DNS is not configured correctly. Oh boy, so much I still need to learn.