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Candy Corn Critters Coming Soon!

Candy Core Critter Video Game Working Prototype
Working Prototype Artwork for Candy Corn Critter Mobile app iOS Video Game

The Candy Corn Critter Video Game has been decades in the making. Not literally yet figuratively every aspect of art, design, programming, web development and social media is being poor into the little project.

Doing Candy Corn Critters is just the beginning of several fun simple yet challenging and rewarding games Amazingly Strange plans to produce over the next few years.

The truth be told this colorfully fun video game was do to launch before October 31 2020. The goal was to have a simple and fun game that captured some of the magic of Halloween.

The video games simple mechanic and game play is similar to the muted loved, Kaboom, video game that was played back in the 80’s on the Atari with the rolling game pad.

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Candy Corn iOS iPhone Stickers